Celebrating our youth – through the Tiger Brands Foundation Breakfast Programme

Youth Day is coming up on 16 June. On this day in 1976, thousands of black students walked from their schools to Orlando Stadium in Soweto to protest against having to learn in Afrikaans. The police shot at them, killing about 176 people, and injuring many others. As we reflect on the significance of these events, we thought it a good time to look at what the Tiger Brands Foundation is doing for the youth of our country.

Karl Muller, Tiger Brands Foundation Operations Manager,
gives some background as to how the Breakfast Programme came about, and how it has evolved over the years:

The products that are served for breakfast are Jungle Oats, Ace Instant Porridge, Morvite and Mabele. “These breakfasts are purchased from the Out of Home division and distributed to our partner schools around the country. Volunteer Food Handlers are trained to cook the breakfast, paying particular attention to hygiene factors. In 2017, the Foundation celebrated serving the 50 millionth meal, and by the end of April 2018, it had served 60  760 543 breakfasts,” says Karl.

The breakast programme is much broader than simply serving a nutritious, hot meal. There is an entire value-chain that allows for the programme to have a much greater impact in the communities where the programme is active.

Capacity-building is a key aspect of the programme – the Foundation assists with the renovation and construction of school kitchens because, in some parts of South Africa, particularly in rural areas, the infrustructure is often less than optimal. In the last seven years, the Foundation has built 28 kitchens, with another four to be completed this year, and two more planned for 2019.

The Foundation has put in place its own Strategy 2022. It will be expanding its work and is advocating for an expanded Breakfast Programme in South African schools.

“Essentially, we aim to transform South Africa through partnerships and programmes that allow learners to excel academically, by providing healthy nutrition. We work in areas that other organisations do not – specifically rural schools,” he goes on.



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