Why we love what we do – a day in the life of the Tiger Brands legal team

Chief Legal Officer, Rosh Naidoo, and a few members of her team, chatted to ROARR! about why they love their jobs, and what their working day typically entails.

Our “panel” consisted of:

Rosh Naidoo - Chief Legal Officer
Avish Kalicharan – Compliance Director
Lineo Liau – Legal Advisor (Commercial squad)
Samiksha (Sam) Kader – Legal Advisor (Portfolios team)


Rosh: “I suppose it’s a hybrid of structure, and ‘randomness’. Structure in terms of the requests we get from the financial side of the business, and ‘randomness’ in terms of requests from the marketing departments.”

Avish “Is there such a thing as a typical day for lawyers…? Each day presents new challenges and opportunities. I deal with regulators and compliance-related matters within the business.”

Lineo “Our Commercial squad is internal-facing. So, we do a lot for the business in terms of procurement and working towards continuous improvement and cost savings. We have a lot of ‘walk-ins’ – although nowadays it all happens via email, so what would one call those?”

Sam – “For those of us in the Portfolios team, it’s more consumer-centric. We deal with customers, consumers and advertisers.”

Rosh: “Happy customers.”

Avish “For me, success means keeping the business safe.”

Lineo “Signed contracts!”

Rosh: “We understand the business; therefore, we can deliver solutions quickly. Our team is solutions-orientated and commercially-minded. We are always forward-thinking, and we think critically. Furthermore, Legal is aligned with the organisation’s strategy to drive efficiency to fuel growth.”

Sam – “We have the ability to all collaborate on a single solution. Our victory condition is our agility and simplicity. We can get close to the business units and speak their language and don’t bombard them with legal jargon.”

Rosh: “I believe we are, yes. We are very focused on innovation and continuous improvement.”

Lineo “We definitely are. Every week, we learn something – we realise where we could have done things better. Then we share our learnings with the rest of the team so that they don’t make the same mistakes.”

Rosh: “We try to find humour – even in stressful situations – and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. And we’re always open to learning, which enables us to ‘cross-pollinate’ and ‘recalibrate’.”

Avish “We look beyond what other teams may be able to see, and then we consult from a risk management perspective.”

Lineo “I think it’s that we touch every aspect of the business – and find solutions to holistically assist Tiger.”

Rosh: “By helping the business contract correctly, by stabilising and reinforcing our integrity platform, and by ensuring that consumers understand the nature of our products through our advertising, communications and competitions.”

Avish “Our consumers are at the heart of everything we do. We make sure everyone in the organisation adheres to the Consumer Protection Act.”

Lineo “We have an open-door policy. And I believe we’ve evolved into something of a safe haven and a sounding board for the rest of the organisation. We are trusted advisors.”

Rosh: “I’m an adrenalin junkie. I thrive on variety and enjoy the moving environment, which is why I love the FMCG market. Being the legal arm of the business puts us at the cutting edge – we are the last frontier before the paw-paw hits the fan. And I like being a superhero – everyone comes to legal to save the day!”

Avish “For me, the best part of what I do is making a positive difference, by creating a culture of compliance and integrity. I chose law as a career path because I wanted to help people.”

Lineo “I enjoy the academic and theoretical side of things. However, I also like being part of a solution – and with the law, no matter which aspect you’re drafting, you’re a part of the solution and can effect change in some way.”

Sam – “I like the fact that being a lawyer also requires you to understand other professions. I really enjoy being involved with the business side of things, getting my hands dirty and understanding what we want to achieve as a company.”

There you have it – a glimpse at life through the lens of some of Tiger Brands’ legal eagles.


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